Rajdhani Public School, established in the year 1980, is a progressive, Liberal, English medium Co-ed school.We envision building competencies and resilience in each learner so that they excel in their careers and life ahead and will be competent enough to apply their learnings in solving real life challenges .

Keeping our vision in mind we are working on strategies for holistic development of our learners.We started our plans keeping in mind the recommendations of the National Education Policy 2020 .

Talking about the foundational years learners , we are following an integrated curriculum .The children are learning in an environment which is rich in providing them platforms of joyful and experiential learning, like spaces in their learning centres with hands on activities resources , Audio-Video platforms ,Play areas , a separate reading area with lots of age appropriate books and story telling sessions.

Our pedagogical approaches include experiential learning , Art integration has also been introduced  like students are taken to the music room for poems in language classes.They enjoy singing with music , they get involved in role plays ,learning happens through visual arts.

To promote joyful learning ,every saturday is a bagless day where each of them gets exposure through different clubs . Club is a place where a child learn the value of unity. He/she develops social skills . 

>> Clubs : - We offer our students a wide variety of co-curricular activities for their Holistic development. Which includes all the key areas of interest of every child. Its mandatory for every student to  be a part of any club of their choice.

We have Literary Club, Arts & Performing Arts Club, Scientific Club and Hobbies Club

1) Literary Club -In Literary club we allow the students to feel free to think, discuss and write on the topics provided to them on their own . We  conduct multiple activities which includes - 

- Role plays

- Extempore

- Debate

- Individual Presentation

- Essay Writing

- Personal Narrative Presentation, etc.

2) Visual and Performing Arts Club -  

 -In this club  students create masterpieces out of their creative imagination. We allow them to give shape to their creative ideas. They feel free to draw and create whatever they want or on the topics provided.. With all this we also have poster making, model making, best out of waste, portrait making, sketching and coloring activities. 

- Performing Arts -In this club students get to learn various types of dance styles like cultural dance, traditional dance, indo- western dance etc and are also prepared for performing at different levels. In Music students are taught to play different musical instruments which also include drum, harmonium, bongo drum, dholak etc with all these they are taught how to sing, songs/hymns, different sounds (sur), pitches etc.

3) Science Club - In Science Club they use their intelligence to invent new modals and gadgets and try to figure out the logical working behind every technical application and make their own working model. Activities are designed primarily to introduce students to undertake exciting science and technology projects. 

4) Hobbies Club - Keeping in mind the other interests and basic life skills the hobbies club is designed . In this club numerous activities are conducted which students love immensely. Like Cooking classes in which both boys & girls are taught different yummy snacks recipes/ shakes / salads/ juices etc. Next we also have stitching activities in which students are taught how to tuck the button, sew the corners of the cloth etc and other interesting activities are also conducted.

>> SEVL – SEVL stands for Social, Emotional and Values Learning . This program was started to help students better understand  their thoughts and emotions, to become more self aware, and to develop more empathy for other with in their community and the world around. We have a separate period to engage and teach students about how to value their self and others around us. We have experience based learning where we make students aware about different emotions, dealing ways, importance of gratitude, necessity of kindness and sharing, importance of maintaining the decorum and beauty of the surrounding and with all this different ways of expressing our thoughts and gestures is also taught to them. They are made realized of how our way of speaking, behaving, walking effects our personality and what an ideal human begin is like. 

>>English language development program :- The primary goal of the English language program is to make our students comfortable with the most preferred language. We allow them to come out of their fear of speaking and expressing their views effortlessly in English. For this we have multiple platforms and activities like - 

1) Library - We divided our library in two sections one for the early years and second for the middle to high years and accordingly the books and library is arranged. We also promote reading culture and with all this we provide them 'Theme - Based Reading opportunity' also to make them familiar with different types of books. 

3) Assembly - Every day from each class students come and share 'thought of day' which they present in English and then explain it bilingually. This way their fear of facing the audience get away plus their confidence get enhanced in all the ways. 

The ultimate point behind running this program is to make our child fully comfortable with the English language. So, that they don't fear from keeping their point of view at any point.

>>Festivals and Celebrations – To make students school life full of learning as well as memorable with curricular and co-curricular activities, festivals and celebrations are also given great importance. With a lot of enthusiasm we cherish the beauty of festivals in our school by celebrating all the festivals with lots of joy. Independence Day and Republic Day are celebrated at a grand level whereas days like mother’s days, teachers day and children’s day are also celebrated with the same excitement. Students perform dramas, role plays and also give wonderful dance performances and singing performances. With all this we also celebrate Diwali and Holi by making hand made cards, gifts for loved ones. These are moment students and everyone waits for to make it memorable forever. 

>> Sports – Sports is something which not only teach about different games but it also teach us important life lessons like hard work pays off ,sportsmanship, teamwork, decision making, leadership, losing is okay. That’s why we have lots of outdoor as well as indoor games like chess ,board games, cricket, badminton, football, kabaddi ,kho-kho. And with all this we have sports competition . We also have a separate area for ‘Martial Art’ with all the equipment’s and specialized coach. All the styles of Martial Arts is taught like Wushu-kung-fu, karate, Taekwondo, kick-boxing, gymnastics and jumping.