“Creativity is now as important in Education as Literacy”

  Sir Ken Robinson

As rightly said by Sir Ken Robinson ,Creative schools are the need of the hour.

Keeping this in mind we are promoting a curriculum which supports curiosity so that children can become more creative , critical thinkers and hence better Problem solvers in their life ahead.

Classes I to VIII

Formal education system as per  the NCERT syllabus. English Language Skill Development program ,Social , Emotional  & Values Learning , Life skills , Clubs (Literary club , Science club  ,Visual & Performing Art club, Hobby club) ,  Coding (CCS) are  part of the Extra curricular activities. This helps in the Holistic Development of the child. From classes V to VIII a third language Sanskrit  has been included under the three language formula.

Classes IX & X

Syllabus prescribed by CBSE 

Subjects taught are:

English (Language & Literature)

Hindi Couse A

Mathematics (Standard and Basic)


Social Science

Art Education

Physical & Health Education

Work Experience

Books Recommended:-

NCERT Books along with Lead Book Sets. The contents of the books prescribed has been checked by the concerned authorities.