Principal’s Message


“Creativity is now as important in Education as Literacy”

Sir Ken Robinson

As rightly said by Sir Ken Robinson ,Creative schools are the need of the hour.

Keeping this in mind we are promoting a curriculum which supports curiosity so that children can become more creative , critical thinkers and hence better Problem solvers in their life ahead.

We believe in a curriculum structured to support Competency Based Education . Learnings should not be confined to books and the school boundaries rather children should be skilled enough to apply their  learnings in their Life ahead.

Teaching Learning methods should be planned to support Self Learning.The learners should be taught “How to Learn” and not “What to Learn”. Keeping this in mind we are promoting Student led Pedagogies.

We are trying to focus on the Social, Emotional & Ethical Learning aspect of our learners , much needed to be happier humans in their lives. Training them to know about Emotions and resilience , Social skills and the values which has been lost somewhere in today’s generation.

Talking about working on the skills of our learners , 21st Century skills is one of the most important skill which will help them in outstanding at their work places in future. We have tried to incorporate the 4 C’s namely Creativity ,Communication ,Collaboration & Critical Thinking in our curriculum.

In a nut shell  we believe in a Holistic Development of our children where they can be a Happy and successful individuals in their lives.