LEAD (Academic Partner)

Taking a step ahead to support our Vision ,the school has partnered with LEAD.

LEAD is India's largest School EdTech Unicorn. We are on a mission of transforming schools to build a Confident India.

Making Learning Engaging For Students Through Multimodal Learning

Audio-visual content and grade-wise activity kits don’t just make learning fun for students, but also help in better understanding of concepts.

Conceptual Understanding through Multimodal Learning

Smart Classrooms

Classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that help in teaching and learning at pace with global standards. All our classrooms are Smart TV enabled for audio-video learning. This provides better visualization to students providing robust conceptual clarity that is extremely critical for holistic learning.

Grade-wise activity kits

Learning by doing is something which school aims to inculcate in all its students. This is beautifully supported by the custom grade-wise activity kits. When students learn concepts hands-on, they are proven to have better understanding and retention.

Books enabled with digital visualization

Our books are QR code enabled. While studying a particular concept from the book, a student can fortify their knowledge by scanning the QR codes which open into world-class learning videos which helps them understand the concept better.

Benchmarking with the Best National and International Schools

We follow a subject-specific pedagogy that builds conceptual understanding among students and helps them retain concepts better.

English supported by 

ELGA(English Language and General Awareness program)

The heart of LEAD’s English Language and General Awareness (ELGA) program lies in its skill-based classrooms where:

1. Students are taught English as a skill & not a subject

2. It is ensured that a child learns the language as per their own pace

3. A child’s learning is accelerated by 1.5x than conventional methods


Our curriculum is designed with the aim to help your child:

– Get over their fear of Maths

– Build deep conceptual clarity of the subject

Concrete – Pictorial – Abstract Method is a sequential process that we use to build a robust understanding of Maths concepts in your child.

EVS and Science

We ensure all our students are independent thinkers by helping them gain a first-hand understanding of concepts through:

– Exploring

– Experimenting

– Observing things around them

Our Learning by Doing approach helps your child to reflect, respond and retain all Science and EVS concepts.

Social Science

Social Science is made interesting and easy to remember through its Visualise-Locate-Connect method. Students are able to make connections to life and their own context as well as actively build an understanding of events and concepts.

Coding (CCS)

We focus on teaching coding through Use-Think-Build methodology which enables a child to start thinking critically about the problem statement, understand the core concept and apply it to create apps, games etc.


We pursue educating kids Hindi in a special way. With our “Sampoorna Hindi” program, we bring the unique way of teaching languages as a skill, rather than as a subject. Teachers are provided the right training and new-age resources to make teaching Hindi a more effective and enjoyable experience for your child. There is a special focus on grammar and phonetic skills leading them to better written and spoken expressions of Hindi that also results in improving your child’s performance in exams.

School learning connected with Home learning 

At LAED partener schools the learning never stops

Gamified Learning

Learning doesn’t have to be a tedious, boring task. In fact, it shouldn’t be. 

On our LEAD Student App, your child gets access to extensive gamified resources like Practice with Friends (PwF) and more that make learning fun 

They can partake in quizzes and other interactive activities that ensure their continuous growth.

Staying Organized and Ahead

The LEAD Student App is packed with all the resources your child needs to stay organized and stay ahead in their class.

They can watch live and recorded classes, submit assessments and clarify doubts.

They can check timetables, notices, and do much more with just a few clicks.

Become a part of your child’s learning journey

LEAD Student App has an exclusive parent section where you can directly monitor and assess and celebrate your child’s learnings and achievements .Keep an eye on their attendance and report cards. Also, receive important notifications and feedback from teachers.

Give your child exposure to the best

Unlimited opportunities are provided for kids to gain world class exposure

LEAD Masterclass

LEAD Masterclass is an exclusive platform for LEAD students, where successful celebrities teach important life skills. Because we believe that a student shouldn’t just excel at academics,but excel at life!

LEAD Championships

In India’s most awaited championship, a wide range of opportunities are presented to your kid and he or she has to step out of their comfort zone, showcase their learnings, and demonstrate skills on a national platform

Student-Led Conferences

Very few things provide the kind of confidence building that teaching provides. That is exactly what Student Led Conferences allow kids to do. As a part of Student Led Conference (SLC), students become teachers for a day and explain a concept or give a short demonstration on a topic of their choice in front of their parents, teachers & classmates.