Reading Culture

Reading is a skill that can be nurtured and developed. It is not a wholly academic pursuit. Reading can help develop skill that would help our learners to be more successful in their life by helping them acquire new knowledge.

In our school we promote ‘Reading Culture’. We are trying to create & bring love for books back in children, which is somewhere lost in today’s era due to increased distractions of social media and technology usage. We let the learners get involve themselves in the books through concepts like ‘theme-based reading’ , where theme based books are displayed in an attractive manner .Students are introduced with the books , asked to predict the story after looking at the book cover , introduced them with some interesting facts, characters & story of the book , which make the students curious to know about the story in dept. The learners are asked to choose the books according to their choice which is followed by their reflections on the book while the teacher acts as a facilitator.