Science Lab

The school has a well equipped science laboratory which can house around 15 students at a time. It is a very well spaced and ventilated lab with all apparatus required for performing practical. A well equipped lab enables our students to implement the theoretical learning to hands on practical applications. To ensure safety of students, fire fighting equipments are also installed.

Computer Lab

In order to move with the fast paced IT world, the school is equipped with a computer lab. This laboratory caters to all students and can house around 20 students at a time regular up gradation of hardware/software is done. The laboratory is equipped with internet facility.

There are 20 PCs in the computer room, having upgraded computer hardware with Dual Core CPU and LCD monitors. All the PCs are loaded with upgraded latest software and many educational tools used to teach students. Students are trained to compete with modern computer applications and technology.


The school is equipped with two libraries ,  one for the Foundational years and the other for rest of the Grades ,with books on various subjects catering to all age groups. The school library has 15000 books for student’s references. The school encourages the habit of good reading and the librarian monitors the overall progress and maintenance of the library.

Play Ground

“All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. This proverb clearly explains the importance of extra curricular & sports in the overall development of the child . In order to inculcate the habit of physical training & activities along with studies the school has a play ground dedicated physical training, training instructors guide the students during the P.T sessions and other sports activities.

Audio- Visual Labs

School is well equipped with A/V Labs. Keeping in mind that A/V methods appeal most of the senses and leaves a deeper Impact as it involves greater attention which helps the child to retain the concept for a longer period.